Takenoshita Kim

Songwriter & Producer
Takenoshita Kim
Takenoshita Kim

Takenoshita Kim

Songwriter & Producer


チームの解散後、河西智美に提供した4th シングルが日本での初作品となる。

Based in Seoul, South Korea, T. Kim grew up dreaming to become a programmer.
However, when he was in middle school, he came across his first DTM and started making music after being inspired by the music of Michael Jackson and Seo Taiji. In high school, he became absorbed by J-pop and changed his musical direction. He studied piano and harmony in earnest because he was fascinated by the music of X-Japan, Deen, Tetsuya Komuro, Daisuke Asakura, Tsunku and Johnny’s. When he was 22 years old he made his debut as a composer through a TV drama soundtrack in South Korea. When his desire to make music for Japanese artists grew stronger and under his mother’s advice who lives in Japan, he decided to study music there. He studied hard and learned a lot from the wonderful teachers at Shobi Music College in Japan.
Subsequently, Kim worked with the production team, Mer, as a producer, composer and arranger. After Mer was dissolved, he debuted as a composer in Japan with Tomomi Kasai’s 4th single. He continued to provide songs for Japanese artists including a solo song for Haruna Kojima, a former AKB48 member, concert tracks for AKB48, Nogizaka 46, Winner and Johnny’s artists.
Kim works hard every day to create melodies that touch the listener’s hearts. His dream is to provide his music for artists who have given him the dream to create music.

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